Ceiling + Light
This is what you can expect from Ceilux

1. Practical and flexible ceiling solutions

In a ceiling system every tile is removable. The plenum ??? the space between the structural ceiling and the drop-down ceiling ??? thus remains easily reachable. This assures an easy access to the techniques positioned in the ceiling ??? such as the ventilation system ??? for maintenance and repairs. Furthermore, this type of ceiling gives you great flexibility in your office, practice, shop or public area. Moving or adding a luminaire? The ceiling and lighting adjusts to your needs and not the other way round!

2. Esthetical ceiling solution

Working with metal ceiling tiles results in one uniform entity without any risk of discoloration or spotting. Another benefit of a metal ceiling system is the possibility of working with hidden structures, resulting in an even sleeker design. Ceilux also offers a wide range of integrated luminaires and ceiling tiles, which ensures uniform colors in all parts of the ceiling. Furthermore this means you only need to visit one party for the ceiling, the luminaries and the ventilation tiles. The ceiling tiles can be painted in any desired color, which gives you the opportunity to align the ceiling with for example your corporate identity or your windows.

3. Integrated lighting and ventilation tiles.

Choosing for integrated luminaires and ventilation tiles saves you time and worry. One party supplies all necessary items for the ceiling of your office or business premises, a one-stop-shop which saves you a lot of time. Furthermore all parts are supplied in the same material, which makes sure there are no differences in color. The ceiling layout plan and illumination plan are completely matched because they are worked out together. Furthermore you???re ensured of a 100% compatibility between the luminaires and the ceiling and the luminaires are well integrated into the ceiling. Thanks to the click-and-plug

4. Acoustic ceiling

It is very important to pay close attention to pleasant acoustic conditions in offices, shops, practice rooms and public spaces. Comfortable acoustics ensure after all a better productivity, less stress and fewer disruptions. The ceiling is the most important aspect in a pleasant acoustical environment. Ceilux offers the necessary solutions to acoustic challenges. You can find more information on this subject here.

5. A personal approach

  • Information and advice during the design process
  • Outlining the layout plan
  • Defining the lighting plan
  • Lichting calculation
  • Assistance at the start on the construction site
  • Large stock and swift delivery
  • Technical support and advice

This is what you can expect from Ceilux