Ceiling + Light
Metal ceiling systems and lighting

Looking for a ceiling system that upgrades your space? After all, you want  to welcome your clients in a stylish atmosphere. Moreover, your clients will unconsciously be willing to spend more time in a surrounding they feel comfortable in, which will only benefit your sales. Besides you'd like to offer your team a pleasant, classy and well-illuminated working space. This improves the working atmosphere and productivity. Satisfied customers and happy employees, that's the most important to you, right?


That's why Ceilux approaches ceiling, lighting and ventilation systems as an all-in-one concept where all stand-alone elements of the metal ceiling are seamlessly brought together. Thanks to this kind of false ceiling, you get a practical solution with an aesthetical added value. The plenum - the space in between the soffit and the metal ceiling system - remains accessible and thus the overlying techniques are always easily reachable for maintenance or repair. We work with metal ceiling tiles to obtain a sleek design. Custom color accents and build-in illumination can be added to own taste.

Our contemporary designs of the ceiling systems will aesthetically enrich the creativity of the builder or architect. They are easily customised to stay in line with the fast pace of change in technical requirements. Ceilux offers systems that comply with the fire stability standards and the range of luminaires evolves continuously with the newest LED-technology.

Ceilux tries to find the best functionalities, to help creating an ideal shop, work area or public space. Our high quality products, with their refined design and innovative features, support the character of the space and will add value, in a subtle way.


What you can expect from Ceilux:

  • Drawing the layout plan
  • Determining the lighting plan
  • Lighting calculations
  • Getting you started with the installation on the site
  • Large stock and quick delivery
  • Personal approach
  • Technical assistance and advice

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