Ceilux offers a wide range of metal ceiling systems with integrated lighting. The Clip-In ceiling systems offer the most sleek design thanks to the hidden suspension where the ceiling panels are clicked in. For the finishing you have the choice between the 45° with a minimal V-groove between the tiles and the 90° where a shadow joint of 7 mm is created. With the Lay-In system the tiles are placed in a visible T-grid (T15 or T24). Within this product range the Flat-tiles come at the same level of the structure resulting in a smooth ceiling surface. The Drop-tiles are lowered by 8mm, creating a shadow joint when installed. The Colorline-profiles give a luxurious extra to your ceiling thanks to the five possible color combinations. Furthermore we offer a wide range of led lighting compatible with the suspended ceiling, where you will definitely find the perfect basic and accent lighting for your project.
The benefits of a metal system ceiling:

  • Practical solution with an aesthetical added value
  • Modular
  • Washable
  • In accordance with HACCP
  • Fire stability
  • Broad variety of compatible fixtures and colors
  • Integrable ventilation tiles and emergency lighting
  • No color differences in the ceiling because the ceiling system, the lighting and ventilation tiles are made of the same material.


Besides the standard product range, Ceilux produces also customized solutions. Metal baffles create an industrial look where the soffit remains visible and offers an acoustical solution for your space. The Corridor-system is a perfect product for hallways. This large self-supporting staves go up to 2.5m length so they can bridge the entire width of the hallway. Furthermore there are many personalization options such as painting in any chosen RAL-color, creating a drawing or logo by means of special laserwork, custom-made tiles,...
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