A good illumination in the office for happier and more productive colleagues

Fortunately, in recent years more and more attention has been paid to a healthy indoor environmental quality in the office. After all, many of us easily spend 8 hours a day there – a large part of our active day. It is therefore important that there is a good ventilation, lighting and temperature, so that employees have a pleasant stay in the office and that productivity and general well-being remain high.



Lighting as an important factor in the indoor environmental quality

One of the factors that must therefore be paid attention to is office lighting and workplace lighting in general. It is less well known, but lighting has a major impact on health, well-being, productivity and absenteeism.

A number of technical aspects are important here (if you would like to read more about this in detail – download our whitepaper here).

  • the illuminance in the room
  • the color temperature of the lighting
  • the color rendering
  • flicker and the stroboscopic effect
  • discomfort glare (displayed with the UGR value)
  • the variation in lighting used.



Factors affected by light

A first aspect that lighting affects is our sleep. The amount of light and the first moment at which we get a certain light intensity on our retina determines how often we wake up at night and the quality of our sleep. Of course, this also has consequences for the efficiency and the margin of error in the next day.

Not only the lighting of the previous day determines our productivity, but also the lighting one has when performing the task itself. The quality of lighting at work determines the fatigue, alertness and productivity of the employees.




Human Centric Lighting searches for the ideal light and lighting conditions throughout the day. Dynamic lighting scenarios are often used that make use of “Tunable White” fixtures. Tunable white luminaires can be set to different light colors within one and the same fixture (e.g. between 2700K and 7000K). So you are no longer tied to one color temperature per lighting device.

The light colors are then varied during the day, as well as the light intensity, according to patterns that have already been proven to have positive effects on efficiency, fatigue, alertness and sleep.


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Download our whitepaper for more in-depth information on this topic

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