How to create good acoustics in the office

The importance of good acoustics 

Does your team also complains about too much noise in the office? Do your employees have a hard time focusing because the colleague next to them is making a phone call? Can they barely understand there interlocutor because the background noise is too present? Do they have to work with noise-cancelling headphones on high focus tasks? This all means the acoustics in your working environment aren’t optimal.


Open-plan offices or flexible workspaces, where several employees share one office space, stimulate the cooperation and communication, but it is important to pay extra attention to the acoustics. Did you know that if you’re interrupted from your task with deep focus, it takes 10 to 15 minutes to regain the focus? Good acoustics can limit those distractions and thus increase productivity.


Advantages of a good acoustic environment in the workplace:

  • Productivity increases
  • Absenteeism decreases
  • There is less distraction
  • The error rate decreases
  • A less stressful environment
  • Employees are happier



An acoustical ceiling

The ceiling is the most important factor to create an acoustic comfortable environment. Ceilux offers several acoustical ceiling solutions.

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Metal ceilingsystem


I know, metal isn’t the most noise absorbing material. But off course, we have solutions for that. The ceiling tiles are perforated and equipped with an acoustical viledon on the backside to ensure the sound attenuation. Depending on the needs of the business space, more or less perforations per ceiling tile or more or less perforated tiles are installed in the room, to reach an optimal result.




An industrial look, with a visible concrete ceiling can be most beautiful. Unfortunately this kind of offices often are burdened with noise pollution because concrete absorbs no sound. In these situations our baffles offer an ideal solution. The soffit remains visible, and the Ceilux Baffles will assure a significant improvement in the acoustics of your office, shop or public space. The perforated baffles with acoustic viledon can reduce reverberation times up to 90% and also the STI (Speech Transmission Index) improves significantly.



Stretch metal with a sound absorbing acoustical plate


For offices with extra high demands regarding acoustics, we have this final solution where stretch metal ceiling tiles are combined with an ultra-absorbing acoustical plate in polyester materials. The stretch metal tiles have a large free flow, making sure the acoustical material can do their job completely. The sound attenuation with this material is very high and can reach an αw=0.85 and NRC=0.80, which guarantees an acoustic comfortable room.

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Looking for a ceiling system that upgrades your space? After all, you want to welcome your clients in a stylish atmosphere. Moreover, your clients will unconsciously be willing to spend more time in a surrounding they feel comfortable in, which will only benefit your sales. Besides you'd like to offer your team a pleasant, classy and well-illuminated working space. This improves the working atmosphere and productivity. Satisfied customers and happy employees, that's the most important to you, right?

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