Avoid problems with the food inspections and opt for a HACCP-compliant ceiling!

Did you have a control of the food inspection and was your ceiling rejected? Or do you want to prevent any problems with the FASFC in advance? Then your ceiling must be food safe or HACCP compliant.


According to the European Hygiene Regulation, every company that produces, processes or distributes food and/or animal feed must draw up a food safety plan based on the food safety system HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points). This should ensure that the production of all foodstuffs entails as little risk of contamination as possible.

A ceiling that is HACCP compliant must meet the following conditions:

  • Moisture resistant
  • Washable
  • Flat and smooth



What are the properties of a HACCP-compliant ceiling?

All Ceilux system ceilings are made of metal, making them moisture-resistant, washable, flat and smooth. In addition, a fire stability of 30 minutes is available according to NBN 713.020, so that fire safety is also guaranteed.


Preferably, full (non-perforated) panels are used for kitchens, work areas in butchers, bakeries and caterers. After all, these are the flattest ceiling tiles and the easiest to wash. In the dining room or consumption areas, it is possible to work with perforated ceiling plates in order to achieve a higher acoustic comfort.


HACCP compliant but still a luxurious finish

Those who want can also opt for stainless steel ceiling tiles in order to return the materials of the work surfaces to the ceiling and to obtain a luxurious appearance. In addition, stainless steel ideally meets the highest hygiene requirements.


Finally, the Ceilux range also includes lighting fixtures for restaurant kitchens, bakeries, butchers and caterers that seamlessly match the ceiling. This way you get one beautifully finished area.

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