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A gym is typically an area where a lot of condensation occurs. This condensation damages the classical ceilings. With as a result ugly stains, the paint peels off and even mould can arise. This is off course no pleasant or healthy environment for the clients.

Eurobody chose not to take the riskt and chose the metal ceiling system from Ceilux. The metal tiles do not absorb moist and as a consequence the aboce problems do not arise. This type of ceiling is par excellence a durable solution. Moreover Ceilux' extensive range of luminaires for suspended ceilings assures you'll always find the perfect fixture for every space. 

In Eurobody, a private sauna complex with wellness and fitness facilities, a black Clip-In 45° ceiling was installed in the hall with a central lightline fitting to accentuate the walking line. A silver-grey version of the same ceiling was placed in the fitness room. The entire surface was fitted with perforated Perfo R10 panels.