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Your company is growing, your team axpanding, great! There is still some room for an extra work place, but a lighting point is not provided. As a consequence your new employee is more often sick, in a bad mood and less productive.

With Ceilux' metal ceiling systems and lighting this scenario belongs to the past. Thanks to his modular ceiling you easily move the fixtures from one spot to another or you just add an extra lighting point without damage to the existing ceiling. Furtheremore obsolete luminaires can be replaced by new LED luminaires. The basic elements of the Ceilux ceiling remain unchanged for years, as a consequence suitable elements are available for a long time.At the refurbishing of their office, Selecta Cars chose the Ceilux Clip-In 45° ceiling, which fitted excellent with the interior design of their new open-plan offices, hallways and meeting rooms. The desks are illuminated by the D-Line fixtures, whereas the Flatlights were chosen for the meeting rooms and the LED Dot 3 for the hallways. The Perfo Rd ceiling tiles ensure the acoustical comfort in each room.