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Your ceilings are completely faded after 5 years. This does not leave a good impression to your customers and your employees are not so happy with it either. There is no other solution than to repaint them, but dread the extra work and organization. The office needs to be closed, everything has to be removed and covered. And this every 5 years.

Avoid these extra worries and choose a metal ceiling system from Ceilux! The painted ceiling tiles keep their colour fastness for decades without hassle. If they have become dirty, you can easily wash them off, after which your ceiling looks brand-new. You have more time for what's really important in your company and avoid extra costs. 

When decorating their new office, UCE-Trading opted for a practical Ceilux ceiling in their landscape office, entrance area, meeting room, kitchen and toilets. The metal Clip-In 45° ceiling was fully fitted with perforated Perfo R10 panels. For lighting, the client chose the Basic Darklight light fitting in 4x18W.