The COLORLINE profiles can be combined with the Lay-In DROP panels and are available in 5 standard colours. The panels have an outer dimension of 600x600mm and a visible area of 585x585mm. They are made out of 0.52mm thermic galvanized steel. The COLORLINE profiles have a visual width of 15mm. The COLORLINE is best used in combination with the T15 DROP tiles. The 5 colour combinations offer pleny of possibilities for certain focus points in the ceiling. Since the profile has a unique shape, LED lighting can be integrated in the ceiling in a very subtle way. The space between the soffit and the false ceiling remains easily accessible. The ceiling panels only need to be pushed up to get access to this area.


The 15 mm or 24 mm Lay-in structure consists of a main profile of 3600 mm, to which 600 mm and 1200 mm cross profiles can be attached with a click-in system. The distance of the suspension points is recommended to be no more than 1200 mm. The Lay-in profiles can be attached with suspension wires (length: 3m, diameter: 4 mm). These wires can be cut and bent to the desired length. When using DROP tiles, T15 profiles are required; T24 profiles for FLAT tiles. The ceiling levelled using adjusting springs.  


The edges can be finished with either an L profile or a C profile.

When using the C profile, optionally tension springs (article number 45039) can be ordered, to make sure the tiles are pressed firmly against the edge finishing. Since the Lay-in DROP tiles are lowered by 8 mm. Ensure that the edge profiles are installed 8 mm lowered than the edge finishing. A levelling cube (article 46033) can be used, which has to be ordered separately. All edge profiles are supplied in 3 m length.  

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